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The Addicted to Track business is a Logistics and Service Experience but also offers Mechanical Service. With this, we offer clients the opportunity to get to motorbike tracks more often. Whether they be in Australia or overseas. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you on the service side of things. We will get your motorbike to the track, scrutineered, on the warmers and fueled up ready for you to fly in and just ride.

To make that possible, we offer an optional Mechanical Service. Either at the workshop before the event or where possible at the event. General Mechanical Services at the track are difficult to plan for, but we know ‘things happen’ so we carry tools and a spares kit to manage as many scenarios as possible. If you have specific requirements, please Contact Us" to discuss so we can plan and maximize your track time.

Tyre selection and its performance play a pivotal role in the success of any track time. To ensure we can manage this as fast as possible we have purchased a new Eagle SMF Aquila Tyre Machine and fitted to the Addicted to Track Truck. We can either fit the tyres you supply, or we can source your preferred brand before the event.

The suspension is both science and art – we can assist you with set up and incremental changes at the track; with more involved work carried out between events at the workshop. By adding Mechanical Service to our Logistics, we aim at giving you the most out of your track day experience.

Thanks addicted to track. What a professional service they have really thought of everything. If is all done for u. The only way to transport your pride and joy. Can't say thanks enough to Mark and Michelle


What a great service! Everything arrived safely, from Brisbane to Phillip Island. These guys made it so easy, and I would be more than happy to recommend to any fellow riders!


Thanks to Mark for going above and beyond to make sure I had a bike ready to ride for a track day at Lakeside yesterday. Getting up way too early on a public holiday to get me sorted is very much appreciated. Unbelievable service!