Transport & Logistics

Interstate and International Motorcycle Logistics from location to location takes a bit more time and planning. Since 2016, Addicted to Track has proven to be successful in shipping track & race bikes in and out of Australia while meeting all customs, duties and import obligations. Depending on the logistics movement, we may transport your bike in the Addicted to Track Truck or Vans, with a partner or use a Motorcycle Specific Airline Transport Crate.

Australia has some of the toughest laws globally on vehicles entering the country. What is the status of your bike? Is it track only or a registered bike? That will determine the Carnet required and the process to be followed to avoid any issues on re-entry to Australia. Addicted to Track will complete as much of this this process for you as possible. 

At the same time, we are serious about protecting your asset. That’s why we have an insurance policy that covers each motorcycle shipment for $500k. Therefore, your assets will be insured whether it be in Australia or overseas while in the care and custodianship of Addicted to Track. 

We pride ourselves on planning efficiently and leave nothing to chance.

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